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Pouring Concrete in High-Temperature Environments

Placing concrete in hot weather presents unique challenges that some argue are more formidable than those encountered in cold weather placement and curing. Several factors contribute to the complexity of concrete placement in high temperatures, including:


  1. Consistently warm, hot, and humid days lead to concrete temperatures of 90°F during batching.

  2. Storage of fine and coarse aggregates outdoors, resulting in increased heat absorption from the sun.

  3. City water temperatures reach 75°F, making effective cooling of aggregates challenging.

  4. Heat absorption by truck barrels during transit further elevates the concrete temperature.

Without proper precautions, there’s a risk of the concrete surpassing temperature limits set by ACI, resulting in premature setting. It is imperative to take necessary measures when testing and inspecting the concrete to ensure compliance with ASTM, ACI, and NYC Building Code standards.

Gotham Ready Mix Quality Assurance

Accurate data, including slump, concrete and ambient temperatures, and fresh concrete age, is vital for successful hot-weather concrete placement. At Gotham Ready Mix, our investment in technology, such as “Smarthatch” and Cidra electronic monitoring systems in our trucks, ensures real-time quality assurance.


Proper handling of fresh concrete data and ASTM-approved curing box storage is crucial. It’s essential for all involved in placement and quality assurance to follow accurate sampling procedures.


Vigilance and adherence to guidelines guarantee successful concrete placement in hot weather with the highest quality and compliance standards. According to NRMCA, incorrect cylinder storage leads to significant compressive strength loss. Gotham Ready Mix is offering ASTM-approved curing boxes to loyal customers to ensure proper curing.


While our quality control team works diligently, it’s impossible to address all project issues. We urge everyone to pay attention to the quality of testing by independent laboratories on job sites.


Refer to the attached guidance documents below for detailed procedures to ensure correct practices.


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