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Gotham Ready Mix is your go-to for dependable ready-mix concrete and technical assistance. We have everything you need to start your next project—78 rear end mixers, conveyor truck, and mobile volumetric truck. We can get it to you in no time.

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Renewable Building Materials for a Better Future!

Concrete Is a Versatile Material That Has Been Utilized in a Wide Range of Building Projects for Generations.

We constantly strive to strengthen our relationships with clients by providing them with the best construction solutions that meet their building needs. The goal is to grow together and make the dream of several real-estate projects a reality.

Large Fleet Rear End Mixers

When it comes to having fresh concrete mixture on hand at your construction site, you’ll need a concrete mixing truck with high volume and efficiency. We have a fleet of rear end mixers or construction sites so you can keep your construction projects running smoothly with readily available fresh concrete mixtures.

We have the right concrete mixer in stock for any scale or type of construction project. Whether you’re constructing an apartment complex or a commercial facility, we have the concrete trucks to get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Our fleet trucks are designed to produce a large volume of ready-to-use concrete at once, eliminating the need for you to stop and mix batch after batch throughout the day. The result is less downtime and more productivity!

Conveyor Truck

With the right transportation medium, you can expedite your construction projects.

Our conveyor trucks are an excellent option for your construction project. These vehicles can transport building materials without requiring manual handling. Whether it’s sand, cement, or gravel, our conveyors can handle it all. We have recently introduced a 60-ft. We also have Theam TLD truck-mounted conveyor for service in NY.

Talk to our team for more information.

Zim Mixer Truck

Zim mixer trucks are the most cost-effective and efficient choice for any construction project. These mobile concrete plants can be used to produce the desired concrete mixture without any waste. You avoid overruns, all the while maintaining efficiency throughout the construction area.

They include an adjustable mixing system that allows you to change the building ratio based on your project’s requirements. That is, you use only the materials required; the leftover unused materials are stored in separate beans for use next time.

Make your project more efficient and cost-effective with our mixer trucks. We have recently introduced a Zim-Mixer volumetric to our inventory.